Challenges of not being quite sure what the game is

I'm starting to notice the number of days left for this game jam while the game isn't getting finished at quite the same rate. It is playable and most of the game features are done, some are progressing so it is not a disaster. I just need to start setting up levels and not spend a lot of time testing and tuning each one.

I think this is just a natural consequence of starting something without  having a clear idea about what the goal is. I am not disappointed, just feels a bit odd to rate it against projects that have a clear plan. It is almost the opposite from Nono Pixie which is based on a game I really like and was easy to make fun (for myself).

My point is that a game that introduces something new, which I'm hoping to do, is usually not good because of the new thing, it is just for variety. The new idea only really becomes good when someone else looks at it and turns it into something great, and maybe when July 1st rolls around and I've finished this experiment I'll have a really great way to re-imagine it. Or maybe I'll inspire someone else, or I'll end up making Space Orbs Remix based on what someone else tells me the game could be. My target of success with this game is to just get it done, it doesn't need to be fun by itself! I had half of an idea I wanted to try out and that's what I'm aiming to finish.

Anyway, I'm already working on tools for the next game which has one background and sprites ready to go so whenever Space Orbs is ready to ship I don't need to worry about not having anything to do :)

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When the full sound-effects and ingame music will be finished that the final-version could be released?

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Don't worry. It is always possible, to make a "Deluxe", "Reimagined", "Redux", "V2.0" or whatever it can be called, version later. Main thing is, that one (bugfree) version is ready, when timeline ends. Later it can still be improved. Regarding setting up different levels, maybe a look at the objects in "Money Puzzle Exchanger" or "Magical Drop" can bring new ideas. The game-princible is similar, only turned around sideways. Maybe the arrangement of the coloured bubbles, or parts of it, can be adopted for some of the levels? Just suggestions, i am not sure if possible.     :)