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Interstellar aliens have arrived in the vicinity of Earth with ill intent.

Instead of ordinary weapons they deploy biological orbs that will cause devastation on Earth if they reach critical mass!

Take your time, plan ahead, this is a matching game where nothing happens until you make a move!

Bring a friend to tackle the infestation from the other end.

Just don’t let the orbs reach critical mass!

Two players work together to match 3 orbs of the same color. Game progresses after each player move, not by time.


    <- Match at least 3 of the same color to remove

    <-  Explodes when next to a successful match

    <- Blocks until next to a successful match or explosion

    <- Mysterious orb


  • Joystick left/right: Pull or push orbs
  • Joystick up/down: Move ship up or down
  • Fire: Switch sides (for single player to reach orbs on the other side)
  • On an empty line facing the other player orbs can be pulled/pushed with joystick left/right

Remember to take your time with each move! Playing fast only makes the score increase faster and who cares about a high score when Earth is on the line?

Player Style

  • Auto Switch is a one player style, switches side when pushing an orb to the other player.
  • Fire to Switch is the default mode for one or two players
  • No Switching is for two players with two joysticks to avoid accidentally switching sides.


The original SpaceOrbs.crt file is the RGCD 16k cart game jam entry. This cartridge file runs on EasyFlash, Ultimate2+, Ultimate64 etc. or drag/drop into the vice c64 emulator.

The updated SpaceOrbs.crt file is still a 16k cart file but with improvements implemented after the jam deadline.

The updated SpaceOrbs.prg file is a stand-alone game file that can be put on a disk or cassette and loaded.

The updated SpaceOrbs.d64 is a floppy disk image that can be put on a real floppy or played using SDIEC, Ultimate64, etc. with directory art created by Martin Roscher (@Logiker464 on twitter)

AuthorSpace Moguls
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


SpaceOrbs.crt 16 kB
Space Orbs Pilot Guide.pdf 33 kB
SpaceOrbsUpdate.crt 16 kB
SpaceOrbsUpdate.d64 170 kB
SpaceOrbsUpdate.prg 10 kB

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Looks good and reminds me a little bit of "Magical Drop" or "Money Puzzle Exchanger" with a turned sideways playing. I really like such kind of puzzle games, especially because it works for two players at the same time. This is always a feature, which i love in games, cause it simply brings the most fun. I see this, when some friends and i make retro-playing-parties. Consoles like the SNES or the NES have alot of these kind of puzzlers, on the C64 there are not so much. Therefore i am looking forward alot to "Puzzle Bobble" on the C64, which is in development and also to this game here.

Thanks! Magical Drop is probably my favorite match 3 game, and hoping I can add my own twist to these games. I'm really looking forward to Puzzle Bobble as well, it looks really promising. Now all I need to do is to finish this game before the jam is over :)

Yeah, i thought that you would like any of the games i mentioned.    :)   "Magical Drop" is really a fun game and "Money Puzzle Exchanger" and "Puzzle Bobble" too.

The only thing, which is a little bit sad in this new-coming "Puzzle Bobble" port is the fact, that it will have no CPU-opponents for the 2-player-mode. I mailed with the programmer about this, but he will not add this, cause he said, that the original arcade-version of "Puzzle Bobble" also don't has CPU-opponents. This is true, but all the successors in the "Puzzle Bobble" series then have CPU-opponents and playing against them in the 2-player-mode makes alot more fun, than solving alone the puzzles in my opinion. But okay, luckily at least a 2-player-simultan-mode for 2 human-players will be added to the new "Puzzle Bobble", cause this is a thing which i really miss in the C64-game "Monster Buster", which is very similar to "Puzzle Bobble". But sadly, often no second human player is available for playing, then CPU-opponents are superb to have in games. Preferably with adjustable difficulty-modes.

And now, to get back to your new game "Space Orbs"     :)    i wanted to ask you, if there is a chance, that such a CPU-opponent function will be included in your game? What do you think? Would be a big PLUS in my opinion, when you are alone at home and nevertheless you can still play the 2-player-mode in the game. If second player is human or CPU, who cares?     ;)