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The pixies have stolen all the tiles from the mosaics, but you can rebuild them from your notes!

Nono Pixie! Is a Nonogram Puzzle Game for Commodore 64. A Nonogram is a puzzle that tells how many squares are in each row and column of a picture. If there are multiple groups in a column or row this is indicated by multiple numbers for the same column or row. The game is created as an entry for the 2019 RGCD 16kb game cart jam.

To help keep track of progress the game will show completed counts as green numbers, if more squares are needed in a group the number turns blue or red if there are too many. If no squares are placed in a group the number is black.

There are multiple strategies to figure out puzzle solutions, many can be found on the Nonogram Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonogram.

Game controls have been reworked again for keyboard, mouse and joystick. Many improvements have come from people trying the game and giving feedback which is amazing! Please keep suggesting improvements! In the first versions the joystick controls felt worse than other controls but after many improvements it is now my own preferred input method.

Marking squares X (known empty) and ? (uncertain set) is now possible without using keyboard. Simply double tap fire to change an empty square to X or a set square to ?. With mouse double click left button for X and double click right button for ?.

In order to mark multiple X/? at once, simply keep the button pressed after double click and move the joystick, similar to how holding down a button while moving will mark multiple squares set or empty.

Joystick Controls (port 2)

  • Push stick to move cursor one step at a time
  • Press fire to toggle squares set or empty
  • Hold fire and move stick to mark multiple squares set or empty
  • Double tap fire to change an empty square to X, or a set square to ?.
  • Double tap and hold fire, them push stick to mark multiple squares X or ?
  • Push up, down, up, down to enter pause menu, fire to exit.

Mouse Controls (port 1)

  • Enable mouse with keyboard or joystick at any time
  • Use left mouse button to set squares
  • Hold left mouse button and move to mark multiple squares as set
  • Use right mouse button to clear squares, hold and move to set multiple
  • Hold C= to lock mouse movement vertically
  • Hold left Shift to lock mouse movement horizontally
  • Press return for pause menu

Keyboard Controls

  • Use W, A, S, D or cursor keys to move cursor
  • Use spacebar or CTRL (usually TAB in emulators) to toggle squares set or empty
  • Hold and move cursor to set or clear multiple squares
  • Press X to set a square to X (known empty)
  • Press V to set a square to ? (uncertain set)
  • Hold X/V and move cursor to set multiple squares to X/?

Other improvements in this version:

  • Compressed game to fit more stuff!
  • Sorted the puzzles by difficulty (as played by me)
  • Music by Psych858o! (playing on PAL only until I fix the update tempo)
  • Turn off (and on!) backgrounds at any time
  • Puzzle categories (filter): C64 games, Animals, Other, YCG characters
  • Scrolling credits
  • New background animations
  • Currently at 83 puzzles

This is getting close to a final version, but I’m open to suggestions for improvements and planning to include more puzzles. The game is done when the cartridge is full

Install instructions

Works with the VICE C64 emulator, should work with a THEC64 Mini and other emulators, possibly with Ultimate II+ etc.


nonopixie.crt 16 kB
nonopixie.d64 170 kB
nonopixie.prg 11 kB

Development log


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Great version, I really like the convenience features (filling multiple slots to right/down, the position indicator, etc.). However, I missed being able to multi-fill X's. Also, I found that pressing left shift while pulling down the joystick enables me to X squares in the column, but I could not find the key to do that horizontally.

Thanks for giving the game a try! I'm still working to improve joystick controls, which is surprisingly cumbersome compared to mouse and keyboard and I'll look at more ways to improve setting x's :)

What about Fire = mark, Fire + move = mark adjacent cells (in the direction of the move), holding Shift while doing these = mark with X?

Well, I also want the game to work with the c64 mini, so controls need to work with just joystick, and my solution for that is double clicking fire to set X on empty, or ? on filled, keep fire down and move stick to set multiple. For consistence I'll also try to support holding X or V while moving the cursor to set multiple. Turns out left shift + fire is a ghost key, so if any other kb solution causes ghost keys causing other effects I won't be able to...

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Fair enough. That joy scheme doesn't sound bad at all.

All that's missing now is the background music. After all, the game's on the C64, so it's not complete without a nice SID tune. :)

Absolutely :) The music is on the way!